Dramatic backdrops for award ceremonies and product launches

Backgrounds for Stages

Dramatic backdrops for award ceremonies and product launches

Traditionally used to change the mood or scene on stage, cyclorama and star cloths make great backdrops for awards ceremonies and product launches.

A cyclorama cloth is white or grey and can be either flat or wrapped around at the sides. They are typically used at the back of a stage to change a scene, from night to day for example, through projection and clever lighting.

Star cloths, or star curtains, are made from heavy black fabric studded with endglow optical fibres (or LEDs) evenly disturbed across its surface. The fibres change colour or twinkle according to the set-up of the light source.

We have a wide range of all-purpose stage cloths, including star cloths. We’ll advise and help you choose the most suitable for your event to make sure you create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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