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From stage curtain installation for theatres to MOD tank simulators

We work on projects big and small: some are standard and others more unusual. From stage curtain installation for theatres, to sound insulation for cinema and auditoriums, as well designing tank simulators for the MOD, there aren’t many situations we haven’t encountered!

Take a look at some of our highlights and see how we could help you.

Camstage Ltd. did a super job delivering seats, sound-enhancing wall panels, and safety fire curtains to the Royal Air Force. The work at the Lakenheath base in the UK was part of a complete remodeling and grand opening of the base theatre.

Teachers and students at Ipswich Public School keep returning to a quieter and more stylish school as Camstage Ltd. works its way through the school in Suffolk.

We worked on the private cinema in the home of millionaire and film enthusiast, JP Getty.

The Pet Shop Boys unveiled their soundtrack to the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin at Trafalgar Square then again at Swan Hunters Shipyard in Newcastle.

The biggest screening and singalong ever of the hit film, MAMMA MIA! A giant 100 ft screen was specially built so an audience of 12,000 can see their favourite movie in all its glory.

Panasonic unveiled their newest and largest HD TV to the world from the press centre at the London 2012 Olympic Games and they asked us to build a projection screen to sit in front of the TV.

We helped Mclaren build a racing car simulator, which eventually became Lewis Hamilton’s. You can see one of the screens Camstage installed in this video on why the auto company uses simulators.

Manoeuvre Support Vehicle (MSV), to be deployed by the British Army's Royal Engineers.

Camstage Ltd. used its expertise and experience when Fidelity sought help in hanging a tapestry in front of a screen and audio visual system in a former castle in Germany.

Acoustic soft wall treatment installed at the United States of America Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London. Designed by our very own in house team.