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Theatre Stage Grid

Fly bars (stage pulley bars) and grids

Stage grids are the starting point onto which a variety of pulleys and bars are attached allowing you to suspend lighting or scenery.  Whether you are working with a multi-use space, or a theatre stage, pulley bars can be used to move lighting and scenery up and down, backwards, forwards.

There are three types of bar system:

  • Rope - raised and lowered by hand.
  • Cable – operated with hand winches.
  • Pile wind – used in medium and larger theatres. These bars are electrically operated and can be used with automated systems.
  • Counter weight system – used in larger theatres with lots of head room above the stage.  

The choice will depend on what you intend to suspend in your space or above your stage.

Pulley bars may have to be adjusted for each performance so you’ll need to consider who will operate them. And of course we can advise you, whatever your need.

We also maintain grids and bar systems to make sure they always operate smoothly and meet regulations. 

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